Front Yard


Master Class


We say often, that most Christ followers intend to live out the great commandment but they just aren’t sure how.  Our free Front Yard Mission Master Class gives churches a resource to get them started and show them a way to be missionaries on their street and neighborhoods.  This six-week class focuses on the three rhythms of Front Yard Mission:  Pray First, Love All, and Invite Often.  We also give you practical steps and assignments to live out Front Yard Mission.  This is a fun and interactive course helps the church not only learn Biblical content but to live it out as well. 

Before You Take the Class
  • How To Use This Course

  • Introduction To The Front Yard Mission MasterClass

Session One: What is Front Yard Mission
    • Video One: An Overview Of Front Yard Mission

      Video Two: The DNA Of Front Yard Mission

      Story Video: Ambri Heimerman

      Reflection Question (PDF)

      FYM Intro Group Questions (PDF)

Session Two: Pray First
    • The Hashtag Assignment

    • Video One: Prayer Is The Work Of FYM

    • Video Two: How To Create Your FYM Hashtag

    • Printable Hashtag Card (PDF)

    • Story Video: Jake Nold

    • Reflection Question (PDF)

    • Pray First Group Questions (PDF)

Session Three: Love All
    • 52 Ways To Love Your Neighbor (PDF) 

    • Video One: The Love All Philosophy

    • Video Two: Practical Ways To Love Your Neighbors

    • Story Video: Jorn and Bonnie

    • Reflection Question (PDF) 

    • Love Test (PDF- Print a copy for your discussion)

    • Love All Group Questions (PDF)

    • The Love All Assignment

Session Four: Invite Often
    • Video One: Invitation Into Our Space And Life

    • Video Two: Invitation Into Our Community And Christ

    • Story Video: Karlyn and Lydia Geiger

    • Reflection Question

    • Invite Often Group Questions (PDF) 

    • The Invitation Assignment

Session Five: Obstacles
    • Video One: The Most Common Hurdles To FYM

    • Story Video: Gena’s Story

    • Reflection Question

    • Obstacles Group Questions (PDF) 

Session Six: Next Steps
    • Video One: What Do I Do Next?

    • Story Video: Josh Stapleton

    • FYM Additional Resources (PDF) 

    • Coaching Call Assignment

    • Next Steps Group Questions (PDF) 

Why We created This MasterClass

The Front Yard Mission Master Class was created as a practical onramp for the church to begin to live out the great commandment.  For too long the church has equated discipleship with simply absorbing and learning Biblical content.  We believe it is learning and living it out, often together with others.  This six-week Master Class will give you great short video content and stories but also there will be practical assignments with each lesson.  You can do it alone but it’s meant to do with others.